sábado, 19 de febrero de 2011

C. Brâncuşi

“I met Costache Brâncuşi in New York and I left him in the bed brought from his Paris studio. It was raining that day and he asked me to sing for him. Not to see him cry he propped his back against mine so that I could not spy his face. Later on, after many songs, he fell asleep. Not to wake him up, I put a pillow to support him instead of my back. I kissed his hand and I left a letter for him on the table." - MT

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  1. Manzoni, "Socle du Monde": le piédestal, dump, détient le monde. Maintenant, tout est une œuvre d'art.

    "Chariot du monde (après Manzoni)": le chariot, dépotoir,détient le monde. Maintenant, tout devient une marchandise.