miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

the sea is full of old tired ships

after having loved we lie close together
and at the same time with distance between us
like two sailing ships that enjoy so intensely
their own lines in the dark water they divide
that their hulls
are almost splitting from sheer delight
while racing,out in the blue
under sails which the night wind fills
with flowerscented air and moonlight
without one of them ever trying
to outsail the other
and without the distance between them
lessening or growing at all

but there are other nights,where we drift
like two brightly illuminated luxury liners
lying side by side
with the engines shut off,under a strange constellation
and without a single passenger on board:
on each deck a violin orchestra is playing
in honour of the luminous waves.
and the sea is full of old tired ships
which we have sunk in our attempt to reach each other.


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