sábado, 23 de julio de 2011

we don't know how to say goodbye

We don't know how to say goodbye,
We wander on,shoulder to shoulder
Already the sun is going down
You're moody,and I am your shadow.
Let's step inside a church,hear prayers,masses for the dead
Why are we so different from the rest?
Outside in the graveyard we sit on a frozen branch.

That stick in your hand is tracing
Mansions in the snow in which we will always be together.

Anna Akhmatova

4 comentarios:

  1. aking decisions is hard, saying goodbye is too similar to die
    it is really dificult to leave a place, to quit a job, to forget a person

  2. We never know what to do with our shadows.

  3. Gracias por pasar por mi blog. Me has permitido conocer el tuyo y prometo seguir pasando.

  4. Que sorpresa!
    Al igual que encontrarte en "el rincón de la poesía rumana". Te espero con mermelada que se que te gusta :)