domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

instructions for crossing the border

a Gavrí

Imaginary man, go. Here is your passport.
You are not allowed to remember. 
You have to match the description:
your eyes are already blue.
Don’t escape with the sparks
inside the smokestack:
you are a man, you sit in the train.
Sit comfortably.
You’ve got a decent coat now, 
a repaired body, a new name
ready in your throat.
Go. You are not allowed to forget.

Dan Pagis

3 comentarios:

  1. Imaginary little girl, here are your wings, go...

    1. Gavrí, el poema iba dedicado a ti. No entiendo lo "no visible". Lo acabo de remediar.

      P.S. Gracias por las alas.
      Me las quedo porqué vienen de ti.